University Projects

Some illustration projects and booklets I worked on during my Illustration and Animation BA (IED Rome) and my Communication Design: Illustration MA (Kingston University)

During this time I had the opportunity to experiment with all kinds of media so scroll down to see projects produced with bookbinding, laser-cut, 3D printing, engraving, and more.

An Anthology of Portals to the Underworld

A set of posters, cards, objects and booklets illustrating the concept of After-Life in different cultures around the world.

Media: Adobe Illustrator and laser cut for the box, Sculptrix, Z-brush and 3D printer for the bone, modelling clay for the rock, digital painting for the rest.

Alter Ego

Firmamentum Alchemicum

Booklet illustrating the alchemical elements and their symbolism.

Techniques range from vector illustration to gold leaf, traditional painting, and scanning different overlying materials.


University Project, 2019

A booklet illustrating Ovid’s Metamorphosis through engravings.

Sir Ferdinand and his Formidable Foe

Book trailer