Prop, character, and environment designs for my personal project, Noctivagus. The story follows students Matt, Juliet, and Tristan and their life in a secluded university with a dark past. The student’s notebook Character Lineup – Matt, Juliet and Tristan Juliet – expression studies Environment Design – the student’s room

Prop Design

Props for the kitchen Group project for a mobile game Props for a post-apocalyptic explorer personal project, 2021 The character:

Character Design

Hair variations for an original character, Samantha Post-apocalyptic explorer Character Lineup from Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo personal project, 2022 Unusual words as characters for a dating simulator game concept, group project Other characters

Traditional Painting

Gouache Studies from trips to Greece, France and Switzerland Gouache pieces characters (fantasy and historical)

Life Drawings

Life Drawings from themed sessions at Collettivo Magville, Roma. Life drawing at British Museum Studies